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General Industrial Orientation




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  • General Industrial Manufacturing Safety Awareness

  • Personal Health/ Hygine

  • Pinch Points

  • Rally Points & Evacuation Routes

  • Overhead Crane Awareness

  • Machinery Guard/Hand Tools

  • LOTO (Lock out/Tag out)

  • 5S+ 1

  • Visual Cues - Safety Resources

Safety Training

  • First Aid Training - First Responders

  • AED Training

  • Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

  • Safety Showers & Eyewash

  • Fire Safety


Hazardous Communication Training

  • Global Harmonization System (GHS)

  • SDS

  • HMIS

5S Training

  • Sort

  • Set in order

  • Shine

  • Standardize

  • Sustain

  • Basic Blue Print Reading

  • Third Angle Orthographic Projection

  • Line Types

  • Section Views

  • Introduction to GD&T

  • precision Measurement Tools

  • Go/No Go Gauges

  • Gage Care & Corrosion Protection Practice

  • Contents of the OSHA Standard

  • Types & Characteristics of Forklifts

  • Pre-operational Inspections

  • Basic Driving

  • Stability & Load Handling

  • Fuels & Batteries

  • Attachments

  • Full Metrology Course

  • Power up/Power down procedures for the machines

  • Home the machine

  • Understand offsets

  • Loading programs

  • Editing/Deleting programs

  • Loading/Unloading of parts

  • Fixturing & machining of parts

  • Writing G&M codes

  • Power up and jog the robot

  • Recover from common program and robot faults

  • Execute production operations

  • Create, modify and execute a material handling program

  • Create and execute MACROS

  • Monitor, force and simulate input and output signals

  • Backup and restore individual programs and files



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