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Online Class

Beginning in the fall of 2020, Hudson Virtual Academy opened a virtual academy

that allows Kindergarten through 12th grade students

to take courses online instead of in the traditional classroom.

Virtual Academy students are NOT

Alternative School students. 

Students will have the flexibility of working from home or from the virtual academy location which is in the CSI building at 550 E. Main Street, Hudson, MI.  The 9th - 12th grade academy will be run by Mr. Kevin Reed and staffed by additional academic coaches for support as needed. The K - 8th grade academy will be run by Mrs. Aubrey Horton and staffed by an additional academic coach for support as needed.

 Virtual academy students are not alternative school students.  A virtual student is one that takes three or more courses per semester online.  The rest of the courses can be traditional or online as well.  Virtual students would still have to complete the graduation requirements for Hudson High School and would walk at graduation if they complete these requirements.  These students are eligible for all extracurricular activities that Hudson High School offers.

In order to become a Virtual Academy Student, the principal, parent and student

must agree it's in the student's best interest to take classes online.

For questions or more details on this amazing NEW opportunity contact

Mr. Beard at or 517-448-8912, ext. 235


Mr. Horwath at or 517-448-1413, ext. 457