About Us!

FIRST® Robotics is an international high school robotics competition that gives students real-world engineering experiences. FIRST® Robotics helps improve communication and cooperation skills as well as develop problem solving skills. This is our first year as a FIRST® Robotics Team and we are excited for the year ahead of us! 


*Every teammate needs to do their part for things to go smoothly.

*Practice makes perfect. The more experience you can get the better

*It's important to be on the same page at all times with your other teammates.

*It's critical not to over engineer simple things.

*make sure all parts are square when adding things to the robot. One small deviation at the beginning it touch to correct down the line. 

* Communication with teammates is vital. Judges may only talk with someone from the build team, but they need to know about the budget and marketing as well.

*You can never have enough volunteers (or Little Debbie snacks!).

*Getting other classes involved makes the whole school excited for the program.    Thank you, carpentry class for your help with the practice field!

*Knowing things "in theory" and being able to do them "in practice" can be a scary transition sometimes, but we all learn from our mistakes.

2020 Season

FIM Jackson Event March 5th- 7th, 2020

Team 8378 was ranked 36 with a record of 3-9-0

We were lucky enough to have Kevin Kolodziej the Director of Engineering at AndyMark Inc. assist our team through the Adopt and Engineer program.  Kevin worked with students to modify the shooting mechanism of our robot and develop the autonomous program.  Thank you Kevin and AndyMark Inc. for your time and expertise!