Students are introduced to the engineering design process, applying math, science and engineering standards to identify and design solution to a variety of real problems.


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Cybersecurity Project Lead the Way newest course provides students with a broad exposure to the many aspects for digital and information security, while encouraging socially responsible choices and ethical behavior.  


PLTW Inroduces Relevant Cybersecurity Skills in an Engaging, Secure and Responsible Way

Network Security Lab - In the classroom, students will explore operating systems and networks in isolation from any school or
district network. Through the course’s Network Security Lab, students and teachers will have access to a completely isolated, secure, and legal environment for exploration and learning to gain handson cybersecurity skills. As students interact with their teams in this simulated environment, they will discover how the skills they’re learning can help them solve real-world problems like cybersecurity experts do, while experiencing the relevancy of these skills.
Well-Known Exploits - All of the vulnerabilities that students will learn are well-known and well-defined exploits – a term used to define a software tool that takes advantage of a flaw in a computer system. These are easily identified and denied by today’s basic anti-virus software, meaning that schools or district networks will not be at risk. Information Technology departments will be given a “whitelist” of sites that students will need to access from within the virtual system.
Ethical Approach - An ethical approach to cybersecurity concepts is a key priority for the Cybersecurity student experience. Students will learn that ethical and responsible practices of cybersecurity are highly valued in society and by future employers. At the same time, they will learn that unethical and reckless hacking may get them banned for life not only in a cybersecurity career, but in other, unrelated careers as well. One of the first activities students will complete as part of this course is a class Code of Conduct based on industry- and PLTW-recommended best practices for cybersecurity.


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